ALL Group Participation Guidelines

(including for our private Facebook group)

1) Anyone interested in building (or finding) fellowship and support in the LDS community for those who identify as LGBT, or who experience same gender attraction, is welcome to join the group.

2) Privacy/Membership – Please don’t share the identity of individuals in this group with anyone outside the group. You’re welcome to talk about the group and invite friends/family to activities, but unless you have explicit permission from someone to acknowledge their membership to anyone else, please keep that private.

Note: Other members of the group can see your membership in the Facebook group – if you would like to remain anonymous, please ask someone in the group to keep you posted on activities.

Facebook Group Membership Adds – anyone can add a friend to the group, please add people who will be respectful of the group’s goals and privacy

3) Ideology – This is a place for fellowship and support. We want everyone to feel welcome wherever they are in their personal journey. Our focus is not to promote any specific philosophy/theology/ideology etc., but to be there for each other throughout what can be a very challenging experience.

4) Respect – Please be respectful of every one’s beliefs, thoughts, experience, and background. Please avoid challenging anyone’s beliefs, particularly active members of the Church. Please frame discussions on promoting understanding and be respectful of any disagreements that arise. We want everyone to feel like they can share their experiences and ideas. Please avoid criticism (and “bashing”).

Also, Please keep posts and comments appropriate for our audience, which may include teens and people trying to learn about same gender attraction (SGA) or lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual (LGBT) members for the first time. Please avoid sexually provocative or suggestive language or images.

5) Safety – this group is intended for fellowship and support. We reserve the right to exclude anyone suspected of engaging in behavior that puts other group members at risk.