Monthly ALL activities provide a way for group members to meet in a positive environment for support and friendship.  Participants in our monthly meetings include LGBT/SSA individuals, their friends and family, and anyone else who desires to attend.  Our monthly gatherings are typically hosted in LDS families’ homes and rotate between Mesa and Phoenix.  Each month the group activity alternates between a discussion and a social/service activity.  The main objective of the monthly activities is to help build safe spaces for LGBT/SSA Mormons and allies looking for support and friendship.

We respect and honor the various paths that group participants might pursue in regards to relationships and church activity.  Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of whether they are pursuing a relationship or have chosen celibacy; or whether they actively participate in church services or do not participate at all.  As the theme of our annual conference suggests, all are alike unto God; and we attempt to create a safe environment where we can focus on our common interests, individual needs, and develop genuine friendships.  In an effort to maintain this safe space, we encourage adherence to some basic group participation guidelines.

In addition to our monthly activities for all participants, we also provide other activities for certain groups who have specific needs or interests.  Included in these smaller group activities are meetings for parents and family members of LGBT/SSA individuals and also gospel study discussions for those who wish to attend.

Announcements about group activities are typically communicated via Facebook and email.

Whether you yourself identify as LGBT or SSA, or you are connected by family ties, friendship, or in any other way, please come join us at one of our activities!


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