Comments from 2013 ALL Conference Attendees

This conference really lifted my spirits and gave me hope and strength.

Glad I went. Thank you again for the invite. It helped put things in better perspective. I hope it helps me with being a better Bishop.

The conference was absolutely amazing and healing. I cannot even start to express my gratitude to all of you for your hard work.

So much pain expressed. Thank you for all who shared. There is much work to do in this church to create space for LGBT Mormons. As an institute teacher and former bishop, I have sought to create that space. Cannot wait to learn more about what I can do and say that will provide an environment where the greatest pain being caused is not from the organization where our greatest happiness and acceptance should be found.

It was the most genuinely spiritual experience I’ve had in many, many years.

This conference was fantastic. I believe it helped my mom in ways I never could. We’re looking forward to bringing this sort of thing to the South where the church is smaller and progresses with greater caution. Thank everyone for everything.

It was transformative for my brother-in-law’s mom!!! She had a great experience and it helped her so much to understand and now be better at supporting my sister’s family as they support their gay son. And my brother-in-law loved it. He was soooo happy they flew out from North Carolina just for this conference.

It was so beautiful. Honestly the strongest Spirit I’ve felt in over a year. Thank you for this day, and all that went into it.

I was completely floored to learn that so much was donated!! From the speakers time and travel expenses to the facility and food. I felt completely loved by the generous giving from so many. The speakers were terrific and the panel was so fresh and real. Thank you to all!

I felt the 5+ hours were well spent. I was captivated. My heart was so moved and touched by the music, the stories, the talks. All of it. With conversations I had with those there it was evident that the conference was informative and spiritual and helped people want to improve our relationships with our LGBT brothers and sisters. So in short it was a success!!!

The spirit was so strong. I am so glad and proud to be a gay Mormon in Arizona.

My parents committed to allowing ALL people in their home even partners! Took us 15 years…. But we are finally there. Absolutely amazing.

I met a lot of great people at the conference and felt so loved by my group as well as people who came to learn more. Hearing people’s story and testimonies helped me so much. I wished my friends and family could have come to this it would have been a great experience for them.

Returned from AZ today after a wonderful weekend with friends – new and old. The highlight was the LDS LGBT “All Are Alike” Conference on Saturday. I have been to several conferences of this nature over the past year, but this one was probably the best. It was an absolute privilege and blessing to be there. The Spirit there was so strong! Such a beautiful day, filled with beautiful people. Thank you so much for all those that put in so much time and effort to make this a very memorable day.

I was also deeply affected listening to the stats that the average age someone comes out is 12 years old, and the average age they first tell someone is 22 years old. A whole decade of silence and fear. It brought tears to my eyes because I have a 12 year old son, and I can’t imagine him holding onto something like that without any support for so long. So I’m glad that I can hopefully help change that, and in the future these boys and girls won’t feel the need to hide it for so long. I am going to talk to him about it, so that he is aware and can be an ally for his friends who need it.

I also have a sister-in-law who is gay. She didn’t have the support she needed when she first came out, and I wish she had had something like this group for when we were unable to advocate for her ourselves. That’s why I want to be an advocate for others whose families are still transitioning with this. My in-laws have had a total 180 over the last 7 years (the first few were pretty rough, it was how Bryce described, “We love you, but lets not talk about that”), but now its unconditional love, and everyone, partners included, are welcome in all of our homes. Before, our reactions were fueled by fear, but now we feel only love and peace. That’s how I know this is the right side to be on, and I wish everyone could feel that.

This conference was a wake up call to me to get more active in the church and be a better me.

My family has invited my brother and his boyfriend to Mother’s Day dinner on Sunday. Miraculous healing has occurred for our family thanks to the ALL conference!

This is a great blessing in my family’s journey.
 Thank you is not enough for all that you and your family did to provide this conference for us.

I met Bryan Hendrickson, joined the Phoenix LDS/LGBT group, and attended one of the monthly socials at Bryce and Sara Cook’s home. I can’t explain properly what that was like. I met the most wonderful people, people with whom I felt an immediate connection. It sounds so odd for someone to say who had left the Church, and who was never very spiritual even as an active member, but among these people, I truly felt what it must be like to feel the Spirit. I knew I was where God wanted me to be, doing what God wanted me to do.