ALL Conference 2013 – Program

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Opening Session

Conducting, Bryce Cook


Welcome Address

The Greatest Commandments – Bryan Hendrickson

 AUDIO FILE: Welcome Address

Special Musical Number

Kindness, by Ryan Adams – Performed by Rachel and David Dixon

Keynote Speaker

We are all Enlisted: Our Mission as LGBT Mormons – Mitch Mayne

Keynote Speaker

Awakening Our Christian Imagination – Bob Rees, Ph.D.


Panel Session

Conducting, Emily Clyde Curtis

Panel Discussion – Understanding the LDS LGBT/SSA Experience

AUDIO FILE: Panel Session Part I

 AUDIO FILE: Panel Session Part II Q&A

A panel made up of LGBT/SSA Mormons from Arizona, with a variety of life paths represented. Each will share her or his experiences as members of the Church who are gay/experience same gender attraction. Discussion will include such topics as: recognizing same sex attraction/orientation; talking with family, friends and fellow Church members; and the role of faith in panel members’ lives. The panelists will discuss ways to improve understanding of the LDS LGBT/SSA experience and come together in an effort to reach out to all connected by these issues.

Light Lunch


Closing Session

Conducting, Stephanie

Afternoon Addresses

Parents’ Perspective: “Making it Better” for our LGBT/SSA Family Members – Bryce Cook

My Experience as a Parent – Sara Cook

Story sharing/Testimonies 

An opportunity for conference attendees to share their thoughts and experiences

Closing Remarks

Here for Our Youth – Stephanie


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The San Tan Elegante Conference & Reception Center for hosting this event free of charge

The many other volunteers and conference participants who donated their time, resources, and kindness to enable us to host the ALL Are Alike Unto God Conference free of charge to all who desired to attend.

Thank you!


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